Meet Our Founder

Assistant Media Group is a full-service media, digital marketing, and branding agency.  We work with nonprofits and other social good companies on all aspects of their brand and social media strategy. We build a compelling story aimed to grow your audience, create memorable experiences, visibility, engagement, and traffic.

Tyler Vacca

Howdy, I'm Tyler! It's my passion to help people leverage the opportunities that exist in the digital world. I work with organizations large and small to help them build the right suite of tools and services to maximize their impact. My passion for digital is sparked by its increasing impact on society. I believe that websites, social media, marketing strategy, and graphic design can positively impact people's lives.


How, Why, and What

The idea of contributing to the community itself has always been a concept I looked up to, and it was something I became interested in because of my passion for social media, marketing, and the online world.

Over the past few years, I have recognized that nonprofit leaders wear many hats, accomplishing so much as a single person. The importance of social media, managing websites, and creating graphics is so great, yet tends to slip to the bottom of the list among all of the other important tasks—and these tasks must be completed to sustain their dreams. 

Nonprofits often lack the skills, time, or resources to accomplish these must-have achievements. Through volunteer work, I have had the opportunity to collaborate, create, and disseminate content that has benefited non-profits worldwide. During my high school career and as a hobby, I have taken courses providing me with the skills to support nonprofits.

Assistant Media Group was my creation based off frustration in the industry for support solutions for nonprofits. I created AMG to be the digital partner that shares passion for change. Supercharging organizations cause and changing the world by helping  to drive digital implementation. Knowing the cost of hiring a full-time agency would be prohibitive to many nonprofits, I created a solution that would be affordable. Assistant Media Group, puts a fine emphasis on cost-effective services for nonprofits, therefore cementing our ideology of dream accomplishment and fulfilling global aspirations.

Where we are today

Now, Assistant Media Group works with both nonprofits and for-profit companies which allow us to improve our low-cost initiative to support nonprofits. AMG has worked with nonprofit organizations across the globe. 

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