Our Company

Assistant Media Group full-service media, digital marketing, and branding agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas with a remote team all over the world. We work with you on all aspects of your brand and social media strategy. We build a compelling story aimed to grow your audience, create memorable experiences, visibility, engagement, and traffic.


Founded recently, built on modern, researched, and proven strategies to ensure success.


Industry leaders on stand-by in addition to your dedicated team  to ensure your success.

Our Experience

Our team has been around and has worked with some truly great companies. Now we're ready to do something new with you. Working with us is like having your own creative marketing team in-house, except we're not hanging around your desk or stealing your lunch (and we cost a lot less!)

Our Mission

Our mission is to balance the efficiency of a machine with the invention of a mad scientist all for your company. We believe that the problems that need to be solved in the world, will be solved by people like you. People with big ideas and big dreams. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their dreams.

What We've Got

We're always learning, and we've got something to show for it — now all a part of your team's creds.
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